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Home Theater
We are your guide to the world of home theater and automation.
If you're putting together an automated home theater, you've
come to the right place. The world of home entertainment is
changing with breakneck speed. There are so many different
technologies, methods of content delivery and sources of
information and entertainment content, it boggles the mind. It's
home theater, distributing your favorite music, video & pictures
throughout your home, and controlling everything as simply as
possible. How to determine what is the best for your home,
family, and lifestyle is no easy task. You need a home theater
and automation guide to help  -

You need to:
1) Honestly assess your needs and wants. Depending upon
your skill & knowledge, you can put together a great home
theater and automation system yourself. However, for most,  
having a professional installer or integrator help in this regard is
a real asset. A qualified, professional custom installer,
especially an installer who is CEDIA certified, can use their
experience to evaluate what your requirements are and design
audio, video and automation systems to meet or exceed your
expectations. They can recommend solutions or applications
you were unaware of that can really increase your comfort and
enjoyment of your home theater or automation system in the
years to come.

2) Know what home theater and automation solutions are
available and how they integrate with other products and
technologies. There are so many home entertainment
technology choices available, it's hard to keep up. To make it
more complicated, new ones are arriving every day.

3) Know what is around the corner, both in your life and with
respect to technology. This will help to plan for the future while
enjoying your home theater or home entertainment system today.
  • There are endless possibilities for home
    entertainment, theater and control today.
  • You need to know what is the right combination of
    home theater and automation equipment for you.
Your Home Theater Guide is Here
1 TouchMovie is here to help maximize your home entertainment
experience, to truly make it a "1 Touch Movie". If you desire, you'll
be able to just press a button and enjoy the show.

Your Guide Through the Home Theater and Automation Maze
1 TouchMovie will show you the way. From awe-inspiring media
rooms and home theater systems to integrated whole-house
entertainment systems, 1TouchMovie will help you get the
information you need to get the home theater, distributed media
or automation system you crave, within your budget. You can get
that automated home theater system you've been wanting.

In addition to automating your home theater, you can integrate
your home audio & video system, security and lighting systems
together for a new dimension in functionality.  You get reviews
and advice on equipment, configuration, and design for home
theater, media rooms, distributed audio/video, acoustics, control
systems & remotes, DVD players, new HDTVs, projectors,  
lighting design & control and more!
CEDIA's 10 Tips For The Electronic Home Environment

1 Wire for everything now - Plan for the future when remodeling or building a new
home. It is far more cost effective to wire when the walls are open and wiring is
relatively inexpensive. Even if you think there is very little chance you may use some
of the wiring, there is a good chance you are wrong. In addition, the extra wiring will
help the resale value of you home.
2 Plan for HDTV now - If you like TV at all, you will want HDTV once you see it.
Many people watch programs in HDTV they never typically watch, just because the
picture is so great.  HDTV will be the standard for TV in the very near future and it
makes sense to be ready for its additional bandwidth requirements.
3 Insist on integrated systems - Make sure you buy electronics that can work
together and be controlled by one easy to use control system.
4 Don't buy yesterday's products - This is extremely important in certain
categories such as video displays. You want to be sure what you are buying is
compatible with current standards and technologies. New video standards such as
HDMI are being introduced constantly. Make sure your equipment is compatible.
5 Consider integrating lighting control with your home's electronics system
Lighting sets the mood for many of the activities we enjoy at home; home theater,
entertaining, or just a quiet night with family.
6 Think with your wallet but lead with your head - Quality and long-term
dependability are the most cost effective attributes you can build into your new home.
Don't skimp to save a few dollars where it can cost you big in the future.
7 Buy experience, not a box - Find a dealer that allows you to test drive the
system or experience the thrill of a high-performance system. Very few people have
the time or knowledge to evaluate the myriad of choices available today. It is
important to buy a
system that works together to be greater than the sum of it's parts.
8 Don't think you have to put up with hard to use remote controls - Easy, all in
one remote controls are available for almost any system. A professional can even
custom program to make them work how just how you want. Their experience can
give you insight into getting an easy to use remote.
9 Consult a professional custom installer - Designing a reliable, easy to use
system that will enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home is the goal of the
CEDIA approved professional.
10 Increase your service expectations -Your home electronics system is a big
investment. CEDIA professionals will provide you with extensive options and help you
evaluate them to ensure you receive a system that perfectly fits your lifestyle, budget
and decor. They will provide comprehensive designs, complete installation, custom
programing, and in-home service.
Courtesy of CEDIA, the Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association
*Make sure your home theater or automation installer is a CEDIA certified professional.*
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