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Purchase Old Movies
If you're a fan of old movies, purchasing them can be an exercise in
frustration. In some areas you can find old movies in certain video stores.
Many areas however
, don't have the specialty video stores that feature
the older movies that have gotten old, but have never really faded away.

If you are fortunate enough to have one of these stores close by do
yourself a favor and get to know the owner. They might be talked into
revealing valuable secrets about where you can find old films.
To make
matters worse, the local video store is fast disappearing. Blockbuster
Video announced in September of 2009 they'd be closing over 900

You can search Ebay as well, but there, although the online auction
house is well known for having a great selection of everything from
collector's edition toilet paper to yes, old movies, there will be films you
just can't find there.

One of the great things about old movies is that there are so many
different genres, so there are movies for everyone. Weather you're into
dramas or westerns, horror or crime films, there are classics to be found.
In addition there are probably dozens of movies you never heard of
before in each genre, and some of them are pure gems.

Weather you want to rent or purchase them for your collection, finding a
source of old films has been made much easier thanks to the Internet.
Just imagine 20 years ago! You'd have to post ads in Variety or nickel  
want ad papers in the (often vain) hope of tracking down that certain film.
Then you would have to hope it had been transferred to video.

The combination if online markets and local video stores have created a
great situation for old movie enthusiasts now. The market is large enough
to ensure many films have been transferred to VHS or DVD. In many
cases the movie has been painstakingly restored to it's former glory, and
the impact of history has been washed away. The color on these restored
films is just as it was the year it was released, and the scratches, pops
and dropouts are all but gone.

Here are some places we've found where you can purchase old movies
online. You can have the DVD or tape delivered to your home in a matter
of days, so you can just plop one into your home theater and enjoy the

AcornOnline - A great selection of not just old movies, but TV shows too.
They have many exclusive selections and are leaders in
older, British

Critics Choice Video - Another leading source of classic and old movies
you can purchase online can be found at Critic's Choice. Weather you're
looking for The Picture of Dorian Gray, One Touch of Venus, Vertigo, or
any of thousands of classic old films and TV shows, you'll f
ind them
available for purchase at Critic's Choice.

Here are some local resources to check when you're trying to purchase
old movies to add to your collection.
Where to find old movies to purchase:
  • Yard sales
  • Local cinemas specializing in old, rare films
  • Independent video stores
  • College libraries -  they sometimes sell their old movies
  • Craigslist
  • Ebay
  • Nickel want ad papers
  • Local movie enthusiast groups - Often these are grouped by genre,
    so if you're trying to find specific films, this can make it easier.
  • Yahoo Groups - there are over 8,000 film related groups on Yahoo
  • Local chain video stores, such as Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.
    Many of these chains have been consolidating their stores, and
    those that they close often sell their inventories. This can lead to
    some real bargains on old movies for you.
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